De Eerste Kamer welcomes two new board members

From July 2021, we welcome two new board members, Luc and Gunnar, who are happy to introduce themselves.

Be transparent and communicate clearly!

Last week, De Eerste Kamer offered no less than two unsolicited opinions to DUWO.

De Eerste Kamer IS HIRING!

Do you like to be involved in the drawing up of (new) policy and do you find it interesting to have in-depth discussions about student housing? Or is solving local problems and networking your thing? There are 2 seats vacant in our board. We are looking for a Board member External affairs and a Board member for Local affairs. Will you join our team?


Student tenants’ associations are going ‘LOS’!

In recent months, De Eerste Kamer has worked with nine tenants’ associations to establish a new informal partnership between student tenants’ associations. Today, we are going LOS!

Spring Newsletter

Take a look at the agenda of De Eerste Kamer, meet our new board members and much more. Enjoy reading!

Rent increase 2021

Your rent will not increase this year. Great!

De Eerste Kamer welcomes two new board members and a new external advisor

The new board members and external advisor, who are taking office from January 2021, are happy to introduce themselves.

The tenants’ voice

The reports of the Accommodate and DEK Survey 2020 are now available!

Performance Agreements 2021

In November, De Eerste Kamer played an important role in the performance agreements between the local triangle: Municipality of The Hague, DUWO and De Eerste Kamer.

De Eerste Kamer officially part of the ‘SHO’

By signing the Vision document, De Eerste Kamer is officially part of the Samenwerkende Huurdersorganisaties (SHO for short) (Cooperating Tenants’ Organisations), a cooperation between WijWonen, BRES, VBU and now also De Eerste Kamer.