Tenants' Association of

DUWO The Hague

We represent
your interests

De Eerste Kamer represents the interests of the 4000+ tenants of DUWO The Hague. We do this by cooperating with fellow tenant organizations, educational institutions, DUWO and the Municipality of The Hague, and by advising DUWO on its policy, whether requested or unsolicited. De Eerste Kamer has a legally determined influence on DUWO’s policy.

We mediate
for you

Are you not able to figure it out with DUWO? We can help you through information, mediation and legal advice. With our network, we are happy to support you!

We communicate
with you

By maintaining close contact with our members, both individual tenants and student care takers and residents’ committees, we can respond to current problems. In the spring and autumn we update our members with a newsletter about all kinds of current affairs. Through our social media we share tips and tricks about our association, DUWO and renting a student room.


More affordable student housing in ‘the Hofstad’

Safe living

Strengthening the role of student representatives and residents’ committees

Customer-focused service


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Sustainable and smart student housing

Diverse placement policy

Organisation with an eye for the tenants’ interests