Request residents’ initiative

De Eerste Kamer has budget to contribute to residents’ initiatives to promote social cohesion in your complex. This can be a one-time activity (such as a BBQ or a mini golf competition) or an ongoing activity (such as organising a series of workshops). Improving the living environment can also be part of this, such as refurbishing the communal space or garden. If you want to make a claim to this, come up with concrete plans, then we will see what we can contribute. There may be more possible than you might think! The important thing is: it must be improvements that benefit a large part of the residents of the complex.

NOTE: The measures to control the spread of the coronavirus vary from day to day, so remember to follow the rules. For example, instead of a house party, organise a dinner party with your entire hallway, with everyone putting their table in their doorway. Or organize online activities, such as a game competition, a sing-a-long, a book club or pub quiz.