RC Folder

It is important for De Eerste Kamer that our members are well represented. The board plays a role in this, but cannot always be fully aware of all aspects that play a role at the DUWO-building level. That is why there is a great need for residents’ committees RC), which represent the tenants of a single complex. This booklet is meant for residents of complexes managed by DUWO Den Haag who want to set up a RC, join an existing RC or simply want more information about a RC.
This short guide describes what a RC is, how to set it up and what role DUWO and De Eerste Kamer play. We have collected all kinds of useful and practical information, so that you can quickly get to work representing your co-residents! We wish you good luck and are happy to help you and the RC.

Take a look at the RC Booklet here for more information about the role of resident committees, De Eerste Kamer and DUWO or request a hardcopy by mail (currently only available in Dutch).

Request a hardcopy (only in Dutch)