Accommodate Survey

Every year, De Eerste Kamer conducts a survey to identify what is going on among tenants of an ‘Accommodate’ residence at DUWO. The tenants at DUWO Accommodate are mostly international tenants who need a room for a short period of time. By means of the survey, we try to get a picture of the experience and appreciation of tenants in the area of the search process for a residence, the accommodation and the services of DUWO. Based on the results of the survey, we make recommendations to improve the housing situation. These will be handed over to DUWO The Hague in the form of unsolicited advice.

Note: The reports are written in Dutch, but contain an English summary.

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DEK Survey

Starting in 2020, De Eerste Kamer will conduct an annual survey among regular tenants in order to identify what their living experience is. These reports are also offered to DUWO in the form of unsolicited advice.

Note: The reports are written in Dutch, but contain an English summary.

DEK Survey 2020

In cooperation with, DUWO investigates the customer satisfaction of its tenants in order to gain a better insight into the quality of its services. Tenants are asked about their experiences with moving to and from their room, repair requests, maintenance and more. This research has been optimized and expanded over the years. Since there is a lot of overlap with the surveys of De Eerste Kamer now, we have decided, in consultation, to work together from 2021 onwards. The questionnaires have been aligned and through an online dashboard the tenant organisations have direct insight into the results of the survey. When De Eerste Kamer wants more insight into specific subjects, it will set up small follow-up surveys itself. 

Camera policy 2020

National Monitor Student Housing

The National Monitor Student Housing is published annually by Kences, the alliance of social student housing companies – in which DUWO participates – and deals with students and their housing and predicts the housing needs. The survey of approximately 45,000 students and the ministry’s estimates lead to statistics and forecasts about the number of students by age, gender, university of applied sciences/university education (hbo/wo), bachelor’s/master’s degree and whether or not they live at home. A summary is given of the size, composition and expected developments for the next 8 years of the student population and student housing. Attention is also paid to affordability, housing requirements and international students. DUWO bases its policy on these figures.

Note: The reports and webinar are in Dutch.

National Monitor Student Housing 2020National Monitor Student Housing 2019National Monitor Student Housing 2018