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Every organisation or association is benefited by having many members. Also De Eerste Kamer! The more members De Eerste Kamer has, the stronger De Eerste Kamer stands in the negotiations with DUWO. But membership of De Eerste Kamer is not only in our interest, it is also in your interest. We look after your interests in order to allow you to experience such a carefree student time in your DUWO residence without any hassle. We will assist you in word and deed!

Membership of De Eerste Kamer is € 0.55 per month. This is incorporated by DUWO in the monthly rent and can be seen on your specification of the service costs. DUWO and De Eerste Kamer are independent cooperation partners, but because of the close cooperation and for the convenience of the tenant, DUWO collects the contribution.


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Apply for membership

Becoming a member is very easy. Just fill in the contact form below and we will take care of the rest! When you rent a residence from DUWO (from June 2018 onwards), you will automatically be a member of De Eerste Kamer (with the exception of Accommodate). How do you know if you are a member? De Eerste kamer sends out a newsletter twice a year based on an updated membership database. If you have not received this, it is possible that you are not a member. Please let us know!

    I want to become a member of Tenants' Association De Eerste Kamer ?

    Cancel membership

    If you are a member and move to another DUWO building, you do not have to cancel or change your membership. When you leave your DUWO student residence, you don’t have to make any arrangements. Your deregistration will be arranged for you automatically. Do you accidentally receive a mailing from us? Don’t panic! Your move will be processed in the member database as soon as possible.
    If you no longer wish to be a member of De Eerste Kamer, we will of course regret this. Please let us know at the e-mail address below. If you wish to cancel your membership, please provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Reason for cancelling membership