De Eerste Kamer welcomes three new board members

De Eerste Kamer welcomes three new board members

From September 2019 we will welcome three new board members. Amy van Saane, Jeroen Hoebert and Jelyn Stegewans will step down after this year of board membership. Marijn Jansen will remain as chairman and will supervise the new board members. The new board members would like to introduce themselves to you.

Kimber Miedema (Secretary)

Hello! I’m Kimber Miedema, architectural historian and future architect. This summer I will complete my studies at Leiden University and in September I will continue my studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In addition to my studies in Leiden, I have held the position of chairman of the tenants’ association BRES for 3 years. Together with a fellow board member of BRES and the current chairman of De Eerste Kamer, I may also call myself co-founder of the tenants’ association of The Hague. Now that I will continue my studies in The Hague, I am – again – motivated to work for the interests of the DUWO tenants in The Hague. With my experience and renewed interest, I consider myself fit as a new board member.

Lara Kaptein (Penningmeester)

Hi! I’m Lara Kaptein, and as of September, the treasurer of De Eerste Kamer. I study at Leiden University and am in my first year of International Relations and Organizations. Next year I’m going to start an extra study, part-time Law, also at the University of Leiden. I think it’s great that I’ve been given this opportunity to become a board member of De Eerste Kamer. I think it’s important for me to be able to make a difference in an association that also has an impact on my life. Treasurer is, of course, a significant function, but I will put in the time to do the job well.Furthermore, I can enjoy having drinks with friends, I love cooking and experimenting with recipes. I am looking forward to September! 

Koray Mutlu (Externe Zaken)

Hi! I’m Koray Mutlu, external affairs board member starting in September.  As external board member, I’m going to take care of a large part of the contact with other organizations. This position appealed to me, because this way I am able to help residents with their problems, tp give them a pleasant living experience. Just like you, I am also an occupant of a DUWO building. I remember how often I was frustrated about the fact that my problems were ignored because I was just an individual in front of a cooperative. In this position, I hope I can prevent you from ending up in a similar situation. Furthermore, I study Law (economics) at the University of Leiden. In my spare time I like to run (at a sports association), play music and meet up with friends.