Spring Newsletter on your doorstep

Spring Newsletter on your doorstep

We hope you’re doing well! Stay home, stay safe you hear all around you, but for students this is a lot more difficult as we physically work and live relatively close together. In this spring newsletter we will inform you about the measures DUWO is taking to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition, the newsletter is full of other news, such as the announcement of the General Meeting of Members and the announcement of the annual survey. And don’t forget to like our socials, who knows, you might win that gift pack to get through this period.

Take care and we will talk soon!

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Rectification: Rent increase. Unfortunately we switched maximum with minimum. DUWO increases the rent with a minimum of 2.6% and a maximum of 5.1% There are 166 / 4000 tenants who will get an increase of 5.1% . However they will compensated for at least 65% by the rent allowance.